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Form Fill and Seal Tooling by Brown Machine Group
Freeman® 80 K

Advanced Tooling Solutions for Form, Fill & Seal Applications


Precision Tooling

BMG’s form fill and seal tooling is built to precise specifications, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies in a temperature-controlled environment. This is how we produce our tooling with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

We also perform a 100% inspection on all punch and die components and provide Zeiss CMM certification reports.

Fast Domestic Delivery of Form Fill and Seal Tooling

Fast Domestic Delivery

With multiple full-scale tooling plants we have the bandwidth to expedite your tooling orders or emergency repairs. And since our tooling is made in the USA, your lead times are significantly improved vs. shipping overseas. So you could have your tooling running on the floor before it would even begin to ship overseas.

You’re in Good Company

We design, and build tooling for every major form, fill & seal original equipment manufacturer

  • Hassia-Redatron USA
  • G. Mondini Spa
  • GEA
  • Colimatic
  • Variovac
Lower Cost Form Fill and Seal Tooling by Brown Machine Group

Lower Costs

Avoid exorbitant OEM tooling costs and long lead times by sourcing your tooling domestically through BMG. Dramatically reduce supply chain costs from overseas shipping and additional transit while mitigating risk and unexpected costs associated with communication errors and logistics challenges inherent in overseas sourcing.

Better Form Fill and Seal Tooling Options

A Better Tooling Option

Don’t be held hostage by your OEM’s long lead times & high costs—have BMG create your tooling. Through extensive R&D BMG can recommend the appropriate hybrid materials, coatings, and heat treating for your difficult trim applications. No print, no problem! We offer reverse engineering, as well as complete in-house services to design, build, and deliver complex high-quality form, fill and seal tooling packages for all major machine types and platforms.

High-Performance Tooling

Making tooling and making it perform well is an integral part of what we do, with over 100 years of combined experience, BMG and Freeman will design tooling to meet your specific needs so you can produce consistent products at peak efficiency no matter what brand of machine you are running.

With BMG and Freeman you can expect:

  • Utilization of in-house precision EDM, JIG grinding, JIG boring, and ID/OD grinding which guarantees precise alignment and interchangeability of all punch and die components
  • Precision die-sets with jig-ground and/or
    jig-bored locating and guidance features
  • Only the finest certified materials are used to ensure the best quality and reliability every time, so you can Run With Confidence

Set Up Your Tooling Consultation

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