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Thin-Gauge, High-Volume Thermoform Tooling

We utilize the latest machining methods, technologies and automation to design, build, and deliver complex, high-quality tooling packages with better lead times and the tightest tolerances in the industry.

When you need thin-gauge, high-volume thermoform tooling, you can rely on Freeman to get you into production quickly and confidently.

Our Engineering & Design Process

Our comprehensive multi-step design review and approval process ensures successful collaboration with your team from project kick-off to commercialization.

  • Experienced Project Managers provide valuable suggestions and insight about the design of your product and implications on tooling at the onset of your project
  • Our engineers and toolmakers have decades of experience designing and building tools that will provide the capabilities and level of productivity you need to be profitable
  • Scheduling and tracking of projects is done with our comprehensive ERP System to ensure on-time delivery and cost control
Freeman Tooling Mold

Mold-Making Capabilities

Freeman designs, manufactures, and refurbishes tooling for all major machine types, platforms and materials, including PP, PET, PS, OPS, PE, EPS, CPET, mineral-filled and plant-based materials.

BMG Freeman Tooling Detail

Form and Trim In-place

Match metal or steel rule trim — We design, manufacture, and refurbish tooling for all form and trim in-place machine types and platforms, including shuttle and tilt mold configurations with all peripheral tooling.

The Freeman Tooling Advantage

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing tooling systems that maximize throughput and reduce downtime, effectively increasing your profit margins.

  • High-quality materials for long-term dependability
  • Reduced cycle times through optimal form, vacuum, and cooling circuits
  • Tool layouts that maximize sheet utilization and reduce scrap
  • Multiple quick-change options to reduce changeover time

Precision Trim Tools for Thermoforming

Trim Tools & Options

Freeman designs and manufactures precision single, multirow, and progressive trim tools with an option for pre-punch or scoring capability to meet any product requirement you may have.

Advanced Tooling Facility

Our temperature-controlled facility with precision in-house machining capabilities including jig grinding, jig boring, wire EDM, ID/OD grinding, and CMM inspection allows us to guarantee the precise alignment and interchangeability of all punch and die components for the life of the tooling.

Extensive Hands-On R&D Knowledge

Through extensive research and development, we can recommend the appropriate materials, coatings, and heat-treating for your difficult trim applications. We only use certified materials from leading manufacturers to ensure the best quality and reliability every time.

To see how BMG’s innovative tooling solutions can help your business, reach out today.