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Why You Should Choose BMG For Your Tooling

Freeman and GN tooling is built to precise specifications, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies in a temperature-controlled environment. This is how we produce our tooling with the tightest tolerances in the industry. With two full-scale tooling plants we have the bandwidth to expedite your orders or emergency repairs so you can expect faster delivery, lower costs, and high performance.

Form, Fill & Seal

Form & Match Metal Trim

Form & Trim-in-Place

Form & Steel Rule

Form & Forged Die

Forged Die with Stacking


BMG Freeman tooling detail showing high quality molds

What is Tooling?

For BMG, tooling is the process of custom-designing, engineering and creating the precise and durable molds and cutting tools that are necessary to mass-produce parts or products with thermoforming or paper forming machines. Some of the products that use our tooling are berry baskets, condiment packs, food trays, blister packs, cups, flower pots, sinks, numbers, automotive panels, kayaks, coolers and so much more.

More Experience & Better Performance

Our in-house mechanical and process engineers, manufacturing
experts and service technicians have designed, built and
installed forming lines running every conceivable material in
virtually every industry in over 85 countries. Making tooling and
making it perform well is an integral part of what we do.

BMG Engineers talking over plan
Freeman CMM Form Trim In Place

Quality & Consistency

Freeman uses advanced technology and automation to deliver tools within 1/1,000,000 of an inch of accuracy. This combined with rigorous quality control and work process ensure that when your tooling arrives, it’s ready to run.

BMG Freeman Tooling Snack Trays

Tooling for Every Brand of Machine

Our Freeman tooling business operates independently to provide superior tooling and excellent service with complete confidentiality assured – no matter what line of equipment you’re running.

Freeman engineering man and woman collaborating

Shorter Lead Times

With two full-scale tooling plant locations in Fremont, Ohio, USA and Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, working seamlessly together, BMG can offer better lead times and service. We have the bandwidth to handle large orders in a timely fashion, while remaining fast and flexible enough to handle small orders, rebuilds and emergency repairs.

BMG NAS trimpress machine

Turnkey Solutions

In addition to tooling, you can pair your project with any of our other products and services. For example, we can provide the thermoforming equipment and downstream automation for a turnkey solution. During startup we will provide service and process technicians to set the equipment, start up and train your operators to optimize your production.

Tooling for an Array of Markets, Materials & Machines

Thermoforming Tooling

Freeman’s advanced manufacturing facility operates 24 hours a day, utilizing the latest machining technology and methods. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing tooling systems that maximize throughput and reduce downtime, effectively increasing your profit margins.

When you need thin-gauge, high-volume thermoform tooling, count on Freeman to get you into production fast.

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Thermoforming Tooling

Paper Forming Tooling

BMG's Freeman Tooling designs and manufactures paper form and trim tooling for all major machine types and platforms.

  • In-house precision EDM, jig grinding, jig boring, and ID/OD grinding guarantees precise alignment and interchangeability of all componentry
  • Precision die-sets with jig-ground and or jig-bored locating and guidance features
  • Only the finest certified materials are used to ensure the best quality and reliability every time
  • Through extensive R&D, BMG can recommend the appropriate hybrid materials, coatings, and heat treating for your difficult applications
  • BMG performs a 100% inspection on all trim componentry and provides Zeiss CMM certification reports

Paper Forming Tooling

Form, Fill & Seal Tooling

Freeman's form, fill and seal tooling is built to precise specifications, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies in a temperature-controlled environment. This is how we produce our tooling with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

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Form, Fill & Tooling

Contact Heat Tooling

GN's Precision Contact-Heat tooling is ideal for producing a variety of thin-gauge plastic containers. Our tooling is custom designed and built to specifically suit your requirements. Backed by 40 years of thermoforming and product design experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all our customers’ tooling projects.

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Contact Heat Tooling

To see how BMG’s innovative tooling solutions can help your business, reach out today.