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BMG Brown T Series Trim Press

Brown® T-Series L | LP | LDP

Versatile Trim press Delivers Consistent performance

T-Series Horizontal Trim Press is the industry standard multipurpose press equipped with a multitude of cutting edge features to achieve precise trimming, longer tool life, ease of maintenance and faster changeover times. T-Series Models incorporate precision timed flywheels to the main drive shaft for optimum platen parallelism. The Brown T-Series press offers linear bearings for longer wear life. A side load feature allows tools to be changed from either side which is faster and provides greater plant layout flexibility now and in the future. See the reverse side for sizes and options of these three models:

  • L – Entry level horizontal trim press – strong consistent performer
  • LP – Extended platen height with progressive trim promotes increased die life
  • LDP – Increased platen height combined with extended stroke, ideal for deep draw applications