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BMG Brown SRS Series Thermoformer

Brown® SRS-Series

Fast & Flexible Combination Form & Trim Thermoformer

The SRS-Series is a servo-driven thermoformer and trim station in one frame that is perfect for point-of-purchase blister packs, medical trays and food packaging. The servo-drive systems for both form and trim stations act independently but work together so the SRS can be quickly dialed in to meet your exact production requirements. In addition, tooling is easy to change, making the SRS a great choice for fast changeovers. The patented servo-trim actuation provides exact repeatable trim positioning and force which helps extend die life and reduce your tooling costs.

Choose the Quad Series option for the form and trim stations on your SRS and take your production to the next level. The coining technology combined with the servo-drive system allows you to produce parts with greater detail and consistency regardless of the material type.