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BMG Brown Servo Ejector


More Production Flexibility for Thermoformers

The Brown Servo Ejector Unit provides more production flexibility for thermoformers. Changes can be made to the ejection parameters through the HMI on the fly without having to shut the machine down, and product trimming can function in three different modes of operation.

The unit allows you to:

  • Short eject product on every stroke to remove the product from the trim die, or
  • Short eject product on every stroke with an additional swing through long ejection for counter capabilities, or
  • Swing through long eject product only for high speed applications with counter capabilities.

Parameter changes for acceleration, deceleration and ejection length are made at the operator interface. The long stroke method allows the machine to eject parts in stacks of a preset quantity, eliminating the need for a separate handling operation. Two platen-mounted linear bearing assemblies guide the unit for smooth actuation. Segen cylinders are available within the ejector platen to facilitate quick change.