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Brown QuadPro Paper Former

Brown QuadPro

World’s first continuous large-bed paper former

QuadPro Outperforms the Market Leader in Paper Forming

  • Up to 3.5x the product output
  • Over 95% product yield
  • Under 5% product scrap
  • Higher quality & improved rigidity
  • State-of-the-art technology

Highest Production Output & Lowest Scrap Rate in the Paper Forming Industry

QuadPro™ uses a patent-pending, continuous thermoforming process to achieve the highest production output and lowest scrap rate in the industry. Multiple state-of-the-art technologies and processes were co-developed by all 3 BMG divisions to create the turnkey paper former of the future – today. Highlights include: runs printed or unprinted paper with automatic continuous decurling and splice detection for easier operation; patent-pending process eliminates jams caused by blanks; cut and form in one tool with unmatched precision and consistency; intuitive touchscreen next-generation controls allow programmable and precise on-the-fly adjustments; recipe storage and recall; automated product extraction, stacking, counting and conveyance; integrated scrap handling for easy disposal; plus quick and easy tool change.

The future of paper forming is here. QuadPro – Run With Confidence.