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BMG Brown - Preheater

Brown® – Lyle® PH-Series

Let Material Expand Naturally to Eliminate Distortion and Reduce Sag

Pre-Heater Ovens allow material to expand naturally prior to entering the pin chain of the thermoformer, eliminating distortion within the sheet and reducing sag. Our Pre-Heater Ovens are designed to utilize minimal floor space when positioned at the infeed end of the thermoformer and are equipped with a variety of user friendly features.

An easy, straight-through sheet thread design with variable speed rollers moves the sheet vertically through the oven. This promotes even heating from both sides and synchronizes the heated material with the thermoformer. A quartz panel oven with multiple control zones provides precise heating of the right, center and left sides of the sheet. The oven is mounted on a roll away carriage for thread-up, maintenance and the ability to remove the heat source, making our Pre-Heater Ovens a complete stand-alone solution.