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GN915 Thermoformer


GN915 Plug-Assist Thermoformer

The GN915 is a High-speed Plug Assist Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer. This innovative GN product uses movable top and bottom platens for precise forming and cutting of parts. With the input of customers and toolmakers, GN developed the GN915 to provide cost-effective and high-speed part production. The most distinctive features of the GN915 are the high degree of automation as well as the easy-to-use tool change system reducing downtime for machine reset.

Capable of forming CPET, PET, PP, HIPS, OPS, PVC and more blends including CPLA, PLA and other biodegradable materials. The GN915 is extremely flexible and can be combined with scrap grinders, padding systems and inline packing systems to complete your production line.