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BMG GN580 Thermoformer


High-speed, form-cut-stack thermoforming for endless possibilities

The GN580 is a high-speed, plug-assist, form-cut-stack thermoformer. This servo-controlled high-speed model with integrated steel rule cutting press and robotic stacking station is suitable  or the cost-effective production of packaging made from all thermoformable materials. The most distinctive features of the GN580 are the high degree of automation as well as the ease of tool change system, reducing downtime for machine reset.

This thermoformer offers a variety of options to suit various customer requirements. The GN580 is extremely flexible and can be combined with scrap grinders, padding systems and end-of-line automation systems to complete your production line. Capable of forming CPET, PET, PP, HIPS, OPS, PVC and more blends including CPLA, PLA and other biodegradable materials.

The GN580 offers thermoforming solutions for all industries such as medical, food, consumer packaged goods & horticulture.