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Wrappers by NAS side by side view

NAS® e-Wrap Series™

The Fast, Efficient & Easy-to-Operate NAS® e-Wrap Series™ Bagging Solution

Increase Output by 4x | Quadruple your output by automating your e-commerce fulfillment bagging and labeling process with our state-of-the-art, high-speed, high-volume NAS e-Wrap Series Bagging Solution. Contact us to estimate your increased output.

Reduce Material Costs by 10x | The NAS e-Wrap Solution automatically creates shipment-ready packages using center-fold roll stock. The system identifies the product edge, allowing bags to be made in various lengths. This minimizes material waste, eliminating the need for
preformed bags and maximizing warehouse space utilization.

Easy to Operate | Simply drop individual products of varying shapes and sizes into the “drop-slot”. The NAS e-Wrap automatically:

  • Encases the products
  • Applies a label
  • Presents the package ready for shipment

All NAS e-Wrap Series Baggers use our patented low-temperature sealing system, significantly reducing film build-up and the associated maintenance.

Easy to Integrate | Link your current WMS System to the e-Wrap for seamless integration into your current warehouse system with little to no alterations to the product flow. Options for custom-designed infeed or discharge ensure a perfect fit.Save money, increase your productivity, reliability, and accuracies when you use the NAS e-Wrap Series™ Bagger system for ecommerce.

Our Unique Sealing Process Allows Significantly Less Routine Maintenance | All NAS e-Wrap baggers use our patented low-temperature sealing system. This low-energy sealing system runs at a lower temperature to help prevent film build-up during the sealing process, which requires less maintenance than higher temperature sealing systems.

Hands-free Operation | Our product identification technology coupled with light curtains that identify the operator’s hands entering and exiting the equipment
permits completely hands-free operation.

Seeing is Believing | Go to the video tab on the right and watch the NAS e-Wrap bagging solution in action and see how easy it is to increase productivity.