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BMG Brown - CS Quad Series Thermoformer

Brown® CS Quad-Series

The Ultimate in Deep Draw, Detail & Productivity

Brown’s Quad Series thermoformer is the ultimate in brute-strength and production output. The Quad Series combines high-tonnage coining technology with traditional thermoforming processes to produce highly-detailed parts. It delivers 180 tons of coining force and 260 tons of holding force, so no matter the material type or depth of draw the Quad Series will create consistent, products with the utmost detail.

The girth of the steel in the frame, servo-driven platens, heavy-duty drive assemblies and bearings all work together to withstand immense force with virtually no deflection across a mold area up to 64 by 64 inches. The Quad Series offers many other unique innovations such as Brown’s patented Servo Plug Drive which helps to improve material distribution within your product allowing you to pack all rows and reduce waste.

Partner the Quad Series former, LS-Series trim press, NAS automation and tooling from Brown Machine Group for an unparalleled, integrated turnkey solution.