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Coll-Palletizer lifting boxes

Industrial Collaborative Palletizer System

The NAS collaborative robot palletizing solution goes beyond the standard palletizer capability. This industrial-strength robot has a 30% further vertical reach than our competitors. This extra reach will allow an additional layer to your standard palletizing arrangement. This can add up to 25% more product to your shipments. Read our brochure.

  • Rapid Start-Up | One day installation, intuitive programming provides quick & easy learning curve.
  • Narrow Footprint | Fits where traditional palletizers won’t. Reduced or no physical guarding required. Footprint require as little as 14 sq. feet.
  • Industrial Strength | 50Ibs working payload, up to 108” vertical reach. Suitable for harsh environments (dust, water, etc.)
  • Operator-Friendly | Simplified software, pattern-programmable on HMI. Flexible design, easy to reposition.
  • HC30PL | Direct Tech, Plug and Play Collaborative Palletizing Robot. Learn more.