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BMG Brown - B Series thermoformer

Brown® B-Series

Pellet-to-Product Thermoforming System Provides Manufacturing Sustainability

The B-Series is a pellet-to-product thermoforming system designed to produce hundreds of thousands of parts per hour while saving energy and operating costs at the same time.

The direct extrusion Brown B-Series hot-sheet thermoformer offers many advantages over traditional pellet-to-product inline systems. For example, instead of a four or five-stop oven, the B-Series only requires a two-stop oven because the integrated roll stack helps maintain the material core temperature and keep it close to forming temperature. This design cuts oven energy consumption by more than half, and also eliminates the need and cost for a separate roll stand.

This Series demonstrates Brown’s ongoing commitment to helping customers improve manufacturing sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to thermoforming equipment, Brown Machine Group specializes in providing complete turnkey pellet-to-product systems including blending, extrusion, tooling, temperature control, granulation and product handling systems.