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BMG is the Global Leader in Thermoforming Machinery

Brown, Lyle and GN provide the most innovative, durable and dependable thermoforming equipment in the industry, from entry-level thermoformers to the most technologically-advanced turnkey systems. We are dedicated to determining and delivering the best solutions, whether it’s new materials, faster setup times, higher output or improving part quality. We deliver the optimal solution to achieve your desired results while improving consistency, speed and profitability – so you can Run With Confidence.

Continuous Thermoformers

Form, Cut, Stack

Form, Punch, Cut, Stack

Contact Heat

Post Trim


Trim Presses

Lip Rollers

Pre-Heater Ovens

Lyle 152 PVT thermoformer producing clear plastic lids

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is the process of heating material, commonly thermo-plastic until it can be molded to the desired form. This is most commonly achieved through pressure forming, vacuum forming, or mechanical forming. The applications of thermoforming are vast and include food packaging, industrial, medical, and e-commerce industries.
Thermoforming has several advantages. One of its main draws is that it is very adaptable to a customer’s design needs. With a fast turnaround time, it can be used for last-minute shipments or as a quick way to develop a prototype.

Plastic Thermoforming

There are two main types of plastic thermoforming: vacuum forming and pressure forming. Like all types of thermoforming, vacuum forming uses heat and pressure to manipulate plastic sheets over a mold. Once the sheet has been positioned, a vacuum is used to form it into its desired shape.
Like vacuum forming, pressure forming uses heat to ensure the plastic sheet is in a malleable form but has the added benefit of additional pressure. This pressure allows for greater detail and texture to be created during the forming process.
BMG Brown, Lyle, GN thermoformer end products grouping; horticulture pot, berry box, single serve creamer, plastic cup and lids
Thermoformed paper cups white, orange and green

Paper Forming

Similar to plastic forming, paper trays, plates, and other products can be formed into the desired shape. Using heat, pressure, and moisture content from the paper sheet a product can be formed into a desired shape and rigidity.
BMG is a leader in the research and development of paperforming machinery. Check back in this space for new product offerings.
Pre-packaged sandwiches displayed in a commercial refrigerator
B BMG Forming Plastic Paper Products
Disposable dental tools for to inspect the teeth on a medical tray in a dental office
K FPO Plant Tray SS-725701102
Sterile Spinal Tray with drugs and syringes Photographed from Above
Sterile dressing set for first aid kit at home.
H FPO Fruit Containers SS-1674318649
G FPO Face shield SS-1733580461
Biscuits with jam toppings in retail package
E FPO Candy tray SS-1987690034
Germination tray with small tomato seedlings
C Food Packaging AS-306190774
Central processing unit CPU processor microchip in the packaging box
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The uses for thermoformed goods are almost unlimited. Most common is packaging, including packaging for food and consumer goods. Due to the nature of thermoforming and the variety of weight in thermoplastics, these techniques are equally applicable to creating rigid packaging as they are for disposable medical processing equipment.
BMG Thermoforming Solutions provide flexible and cost-effective methods for creating a huge variety of products. Some examples include meat trays with absorbent pads, egg cartons, salad bowls, plant propagation trays, plant retail trays, sterile surgical device packaging, medical component trays, parts processing trays and so much more.
At BMG we work with our customers to ensure their product goals are met and are always looking to work on new and exciting projects.

To learn how BMG's innovative solutions can help your business, reach out today.

BMG Forming Solutions Product Finder

Explore BMG's premium line of thermoforming machines by Brown, Lyle and GN.

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Brown QuadPro


QuadPro Outperforms the Market Leader in Paper Forming

  • Up to 3.5x the product output
  • Over 95% product yield
  • Under 5% product scrap
  • Higher quality & improved rigidity
  • State-of-the-art technology

Highest Production Output ...



The GN915 is a High-speed Plug Assist Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer. This innovative GN product uses movable top and bottom platens for precise forming and cutting of parts. With the input of customers and toolmakers, GN developed the GN915 to provide cost-effective and high-speed part ...



The GN800 is a high-speed, plug-assist, form-cut-stack thermoformer with optional punch station. This innovative GN product uses fully-integrated servo controls throughout–including the movable top and bottom platens for precise forming and cutting of parts.

With the input of customers ...



The GN580 is a high-speed, plug-assist, form-cut-stack thermoformer. This servo-controlled high-speed model with integrated steel rule cutting press and robotic stacking station is suitable  or the cost-effective production of packaging made from all thermoformable materials. The most ...



The GN760 Plug-Assist Thermoformer offers diverse forming possibilities with precision and speed. This machine incorporates GN Thermoforming Technology achieved through continuous research and development to ensure the highest quality of product every single time.

The GN760 is a ...

Lyle® 200-Series


The Lyle 200-Series is the industry standard for forming CPET products that require a high tonnage two-stage forming process. The dual stage valve package provides independent control of the two-stage forming process and can be configured through the PLC to operate in conventional mode for ...

Lyle® FM-Series


The FM-Series offers high speed, economical and reliable performance with an infinite array of options for a variety of forming applications. Two moving platens (top and bottom) guided on precision linear bearings allow parts to be formed up or down as required, optimizing material ...

Brown® SRS-Series


The SRS-Series is a servo-driven thermoformer and trim station in one frame that is perfect for point-of-purchase blister packs, medical trays and food packaging. The servo-drive systems for both form and trim stations act independently but work together so the SRS can be quickly dialed in to ...

Brown® B-Series


The B-Series is a pellet-to-product thermoforming system designed to produce hundreds of thousands of parts per hour while saving energy and operating costs at the same time.

The direct extrusion Brown B-Series hot-sheet thermoformer offers many advantages over traditional ...

Lyle® Informer™


High-speed control platform with versatile, precise controls for Lyle thermoformers.



The GN 3625DX Thermoformer was developed to meet the demand for thermoformed APET products. It was designed to provide greater APET cutting capacity than the standard Contact-Heat Cut-In-Place GN 3625D Thermoformer.

The GN DX Series Thermofomers have quickly become the choice of ...

Lyle® P2-Series


The P2-Series horizontal trim press offers high-speed trim operations and a multitude of features to achieve trim accuracy, extended tool life and ease of maintenance. This versatile trim press is used to trim a wide variety of parts, from shallow to deep draw and from virtually any plastic ...

Brown NextGen Controls


Brown’s NextGen Controls are designed for the next generation of machine operators with simplified, modern, and intuitive screens. Easy to learn and use regardless of operator experience.

  • 2-Click/tap access to any screen
  • Intuitive & more informative screen ...

GN Upstacker


The GN Up Stacking unit is ideally suited to stack and count square or rectangular parts and deliver them to a receiving platform.

GN Stacking Units can easily be attached to any thermoformer to create a completely automated and efficient high-speed thermoforming production system ...



The GN Robotic Stacking unit is a complete product handling system designed to improve the performance of the GN thermoformer. Vacuum cups attach themselves to the product prior to stripping from the web and places the parts in stacks to be delivered to the receiving station.

GN ...



The GN3021DX Thermoformer was developed to meet the demand for thermoformed APET products. It was designed to provide greater APET cutting capacity than the standard Contact-Heat Cut-In-Place GN3021C Thermoformer.

The GN DX Series Thermofomers have quickly become the choice of customers ...

Brown® T-Series LS | LS Elite


Brown LS trim press sets the industry standard for speed, accuracy and flexibility. Properly equipped, the LS press will consistently run at speeds of up to 165 CPM. In addition to speed, the servo-driven LS press is configured to slow down to eject and speed up to sync with the cycle time of ...

Brown® LR-Series


Brown offers lip rollers for product diameters ranging from 1.75 inches (44mm) up to 11 inches (280mm) which operate at peak speeds up to 3,500 parts per minute. So, no matter what your application, we have a solution for you. As you expect from Brown, our lip rollers are designed to safely ...

Brown® T-Series L | LP | LDP


T-Series Horizontal Trim Press is the industry standard multipurpose press equipped with a multitude of cutting edge features to achieve precise trimming, longer tool life, ease of maintenance and faster changeover times. T-Series Models incorporate precision timed flywheels to the main drive ...



The GN D Series Thermofomers have quickly become the choice of customers throughout the world who require a larger forming area and cutting capacity to provide maximum part production. All D machines incorporate servo movements to provide maximum cycle speed and efficiency.

Lyle® PV | PVT-Series


The PV and PVT-Series vertical trim press is a versatile machine that can be used for pre-punching, scoring, or final trim applications. The vertical set-up is perfect for parts that don’t stack as well horizontally, and provides the added benefit of accurate counting and product handling. The ...

BMG's Advanced Digital Readiness™ (ADR)


Take the next step in remote connectivity with BMG’s Advanced Digital Readiness™ (ADR) IIoT remote monitoring and connectivity. Interface real-time with your equipment via BMG’s customer web portal or smartphone app and use the data at your fingertips to drive results. Work with us to ...

Brown® – Lyle® PH-Series


Pre-Heater Ovens allow material to expand naturally prior to entering the pin chain of the thermoformer, eliminating distortion within the sheet and reducing sag. Our Pre-Heater Ovens are designed to utilize minimal floor space when positioned at the infeed end of the thermoformer and are ...

Brown® CS Quad-Series


Brown’s Quad Series thermoformer is the ultimate in brute-strength and production output. The Quad Series combines high-tonnage coining technology with traditional thermoforming processes to produce highly-detailed parts. It delivers 180 tons of coining force and 260 tons of holding force, so ...



The Brown Servo Ejector Unit provides more production flexibility for thermoformers. Changes can be made to the ejection parameters through the HMI on the fly without having to shut the machine down, and product trimming can function in three different modes of operation.

The unit ...

Brown® CS-Series


Brown’s CS-Series thermoformer is a fast, flexible, entry-level workhorse that is easily capable of running a multitude of products and materials. The CS can be configured with basic standard features, or with an infinite array of options including deep or shallow draw, making it a perfect fit ...