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Increase Productivity & Profitability with BMG Automation Solutions

BMG’s NAS Nalle Automation Systems is the leading food service packaging automation designer and manufacturer for full-line material handling and packaging of paper and plastic cups, containers, lids, plates and trays. Our integrated aXatronics robotic brand brings innovative solutions to material handling challenges through application- or design-specific end-of-arm tools, ‘smart’ change out tooling, and expert robot simulation.

Case Packing

Case Packer

Robotic Case Packer


Robotic Material Handling

Robotic Material Handler

C-RUSH Die Cutter Handler

Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

Trim Press Handling

Trim Press Handler

Robotic Trim Press Handler

Counting and Wrapping

Vertical Counter

Horizontal Counter

Vertical Wrapper

Horizontal Wrapper

E-commerce Wrapper

Plate Stacker

NAS robotic stacker picking up drum lids

What is Automation?

At BMG we view automation as the control of processes and machinery in industrial manufacturing through software-driven control systems like computers and robots. Automation allows substantially increased productivity, precision/quality, efficiency and flexibility while reducing lead time, errors, injuries and costs.
Automation can utilize manual input or be a fully autonomous process operated locally or remotely and can be used to accomplish tasks that are dangerous or impossible for an employee to execute manually.

Automation Systems for Paper & Plastic

To maximize the production rates of your lines, you need counting and packaging systems that are not only fast but also flexible and reliable. NAS automation systems count, stack, wrap and package paper and plastic products in a wide array of configurations with speed and accuracy.

Group of typical paper and plastic thermoformed items, plates, bowls, cups and lids
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Elegant Engineering

NAS automation systems are designed to complete any given task in the simplest way possible and with the highest accuracy and consistency. Not only does that make NAS automation systems extremely efficient, they are also easier to set-up, operate and maintain. This saves time, money and training costs. After all, that’s what automation is all about.

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Built for Speed & the Long Run

Todays high-output automated production lines can outproduce any manual counting and packaging line. NAS automation systems are designed for speed, but they are also built to last. Better-built means less down-time, more output and a greater return on investment.

NAS Trim Press Handling System

Seamless Integration

Nothing beats the synergy created when all parts of a system are created by a single source. Schedules sync faster, communications flow smoother, machines work together better and expectations are met with a greater level of success.

To learn how BMG's innovative solutions can help your business, reach out today.

BMG Automation Solutions Product Finder

Explore BMG's premium line of automation systems by NAS and aXatronics.

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NAS® e-Wrap Series™

Bagging Solution

Increase Output by 4x | Quadruple your output by automating your e-commerce fulfillment bagging and labeling process with our state-of-the-art, high-speed, high-volume NAS e-Wrap Series Bagging Solution. Contact us to estimate your increased output.

Reduce ...

NAS® Mantis™

Robotic Trim Press Handler

The Mantis™ robotic trim press handling system is the next generation in thermoformed product handling. Compatible with all trim presses but specifically designed for both non-servo- and long-eject models. This compact and configurable system fits within your facility and interfaces with any ...


Die Cutter Handling System

The well-proven NAS Nalle Automation Systems C-RUSH System automatically removes sidewalls from high-speed, vertical die-cutters (blankers) and robotically places the sidewalls into work-in-progress containers. The turn-key system uses a single, uniquely designed robotic end-of-arm tool (EOAT) ...


Horizontal Plastic Cup Counter

The NAS horizontal plastic cup counter is a highly accurate counting system that performs at industry leading speeds utilizing our patented gear counting system. Accurate counts reduce waste and ensure that you are meeting your expectations while capitalizing on your investment. The unit is ...


Horizontal Paper Cup Counter

The NAS horizontal paper cup counter is a versatile piece of modern engineering. With its ease of operation, narrow footprint and highly accurate servo-driven fiber optic counting system, this machine has the capability to be placed in limited spaces while providing high-volume output. Counted ...

NAS® Counter

Vertical Paper Cup Counter

With its simple and effective design, the NAS vertical counters are the preferred method for counting and separating stacks of paper cups. These systems are modular, accommodating from one to four towers with proven high speed capabilities. Counted stacks can be diverted and manually ...


Trim Press Handling System

NAS Trim Press Handling (TPH) Systems provide the required automation on the back end of your trim press while dramatically reducing the need for manual labor. This process not only improves your output, it increases your efficiency, taking your production line to the next level. Each system ...

NAS® ComPack Series™

Case Packer

The NAS ComPack Series™ Case Packer provides modern ingenuity in a compact footprint focused on maximizing your return on investment. Understanding the value of available floor space, the Case Packer is designed to erect cases and pack product sequentially within the same machine. The unit is ...