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October 06, 2022

BMG Announces High Output, High Precision GN915 Thermoformer from GN Thermoforming Equipment

Robust design, automation and flexibility ensure high output speed, precision, and ease-of-use for demanding medical, food, and consumer goods packaging applications

BEAVERTON, Michigan – BMG, the global leader in thermoforming, tooling and automation solutions proudly announces the expansion of GN Thermoforming Equipment’s line of Form Cut Stack, durable and dependable thermoforming machine with the GN915. This robust, easy to operate thermoforming machine demonstrates high output speed, high precision and is ideal for a variety of product packaging possibilities for the medical, food and consumer packaged goods industries.

The GN915 is a robust machine built to last. The high tonnage capacity of the forming and cutting presses of 100 metric tonnes improves product quality and increases the range of product possibilities. The flexible system can use all thermoformable materials including those with 100% recycled content and various biodegradable materials, like PLA.

The GN915 is adaptable and was created to accommodate tooling designed for other thermoforming machines of its size. Customers do not need to purchase additional tooling to run their existing product lines on their GN915.

Standard in-mold-cut capability in the forming press allows forming and cutting in the same station for products that require precision trim. The servo-controlled knife position in the cutting press also improves precise cutting, preventing scrap waste and increasing product yield. Combined with GN’s common edge tooling the GN915 achieves the lowest scrap rates in the industry.

The technologically advanced GN915 features an integrated robotic stacker with moving basket capability that significantly reduces packing time and increases line efficiency. The robot is capable of a variety of stacking patterns including AB/ABC/Rotational stacking, allowing for a wider variety of product forms to be stacked and conveyed to packing or further end of line automation.

The automatic tool loading table makes the tool changing process easy to learn and perform. The tool change wizard reduces the need for training and downtime. Only a single operator is required to change tools safely and quickly.

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