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October 11, 2021

Deane Nash joins BMG as General Manager, GN Thermoforming Equipment

BMG (Brown Machine Group) is pleased to announce the appointment of Deane Nash as General Manager of GN Thermoforming Equipment. Mr. Nash, an accomplished executive leader skilled in manufacturing management, brings more than 30 years of experience in plant startup, operations management, program launch management, and promoting business growth. He will be focusing on operations and developing superior tracking systems, as well as improving supply chain management and ensuring on-time delivery in light of pandemic-era constraints. Mr. Nash will also play a major role in supporting engineering teams and providing world-class technical sales and customer support.

“I am extremely excited to join BMG, where I hope to drive performance with a strong focus on quality, service, on-time deliverables, and profitability,” said Nash. “My past success has been based on the power of effectively utilizing available resources and being a catalyst of change, with a clear and dynamic vision for future direction and goals. I look forward to using these skills to establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships with GN Thermoforming Equipment customers, suppliers, peers, and associates.”

Mr. Nash is a highly self-motivated entrepreneur, with 33 years of experience in Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive manufacturing organizations. He is known for his very shop floor centric hands-on approach, which has resulted in great success for himself, his team, and his colleagues. Prior to joining GN, Mr. Nash spent 13 years at Precision Resource, a Tier 2 supplier of automotive, electronic, heavy industry, ordnance and power-tool fine-blanked components and assemblies as Engineering Manager and previously was Operations Manager for China. He also served 16 years with Magna International, where he managed a highly automated CNC manufacturing plant as well as a high-pressure aluminum diecasting facility.

“With his extensive manufacturing management experience in the automotive industry, Deane Nash is a great addition to our team,” said Jerome Romkey, President of GN Thermoforming Equipment Ltd. “He brings a great mix of general management, new factory construction, program management, continuous improvement, and sales to the table, as well as engineering, quality, and manufacturing skills that will help us in our quest for quality, on-time delivery, and ensuring a superior solution for our customers.”


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